Open. Honest. Transparent.

Our emphasis is on locally grown & raised products of the highest quality.

We are an accountable family farm committed to care and compassion toward our livestock, the environment, and our community – and you, our valued customer.

Value, flavour, and peace of mind accompany each and every product we provide. Our ecologically raised meats include heritage pork, grass-fed beef, rabbit, and chicken.

We also produce hay, a variety of grains, straw, sunflowers and Maple Syrup.
A healthy mix of old school production methods coupled with selective modern farming practices ensure the health of our livestock and soil. This is the backbone of a sustainable family farm, which in turn contributes to food security of our community. This is you, our customers, local businesses, friends and family. We welcome dialog, as we believe you should know how and where your food comes from.

Our goal is to be YOUR FARMER!