Meet the farmers.

Oliver Haan


Farmer, all he ever really wanted to do, it’s his passion, job and hobby… perhaps an addiction, perhaps a calling… First calf at age 10, first tractor at 15, first farm at 18! Honors diploma in agriculture from New Liskeard College. Served 15 years as a board director at Ontario Pork, 5 years on the Canadian Pork Council, 8 years on Livestock Research and Innovation board (4 years as board chair) numerous other local, provincial and national boards and committees. Spring 2021 will see Oliver become a more permanent farmer, staying closer to the farm that he loves and cares about. Still active as vice chair of Harvest Hastings and on the County of Hasting Economic Advisory committee.
Renate Haan


A nurse by profession, finds herself nursing and caring for piglets a great deal these days. Renate is the farm’s controller of all things meat, from orders, logistics, volumes, and more. Renate is currently on both the Belleville and Kingston Farmers Markets boards, as well as a board member of Harvest Hastings.
Rebecca Haan


A farmer’s daughter for sure. Grew up enjoying all aspects of farm life and can do it all. Received her diploma in agriculture at Ridgetown College campus of the University of Guelph. Recently has developed a great understanding of the meat retail and processing industry. Currently getting her feet under herself and discovering new adventures. Was a very active 4-H member and leader.
Jacob Haan


Mr. Fix-It on the farm and not afraid to get dirty. If it can be taken apart and rebuilt to like-new, he’s the kid you want. Jacob is currently doing his apprenticeship as a machinist, specializing in motor rebuilding. Working the land, running equipment, logging or maple syrup all make Jacob happy. But tractor pulling and 4 wheeling are his most enjoyed past times.


The farm’s go to person for any and everything computer or technical. Spring 2021 we will see Leah complete her diploma in Business Administration at Loyalist College in Belleville. Her farm up bringing will serve her well in future endeavors.
Noah Haan


Say hi to Noah, his greatest weakness is his love for computer games, but this too shall pass. He has a huge caring heart for all the farm’s critters and very much enjoys working with and looking after them. A very hard-working teenager who has far more skills than he’s aware of. Noah enjoys all sports and especially playing soccer for the team sponsored by Haanover View Farms.

Special thanks.

To my parents, Rolf and Christel Haan. First for moving from Toronto to the farm we call home, but more importantly for giving me the skills, work ethic, and encouragement to chase the dream! Without you… well, can’t image it.

Thank you!

Rolf Haan
Christel Haan
To my departed sister, Monica… you’ll never know how much you impacted my life. My determination to follow my heart, to endure and overcome the challenges are thanks to your courage and memory!